We know that cross-platform BBM is coming soon but have yet to pin down an exact date. While a rumor was floating around that June 27th would be launch day, that was quickly squashed and we were again left with a "late summer" ETA. 

Over the weekend a developer claiming to be RIM (even though RIM isn't RIM anymore) launched a fake BBM app in the Google Play store, tricking hundreds of BBM-hungry Android users into download before the app was finally pulled by Google.

The app was called "blackberry messenger bbm" and was downloaded by over 100,000 users until it was removed from the store. When opening the app, it told users that it would start working on June 27th and then followed with a user agreement for StartApp to allow the installation of icons, bookmarks and other items. 

This is just a friendly reminder to make sure that official app is really official before you download and install it. When BBM does come to Android and iPhone - you'll hear about it all over and of course we'll let you know where to download it. 

Caveat emptor!