Palm and Palmer... Pre-Jects or Pre-Verts?!

Having attended CES earlier this year and both witnessing the unveiling of the Palm Pre and getting to go hands-on with it, I know when it officially gets released (assuming Palm lasts that long of course) that it will be a device worthy of the CrackBerry title Public Smartphone Frenemy #2. It's a big compliment to Palm that a crazy CrackBerry Addict like myself and an Apple fanboy for life like Rene Ritchie (of TheiPhoneBlog) both see innovations in the Pre and Palm Web OS that we wish our favorite devices possessed.

In anticipation of the Palm Pre entering the smartphone game for realz, Rene and I have been arguing back and forth over the past couple of months trying to decide what sort of nickname suits the Pre and those who stand in line to buy one when it goes on sale (especially those who may be converting over from another smartphone). Today we took the argument to Twitter (@crackberrykevin, @reneritchie) and got a lot of helpful feedback. As it turns out, the Pre name is an easy one to poke fun at... I've taken a liking to Pre-Jects while Rene thinks Pre-Verts is where it's at. And of course we all know Pre owners are really just Pre-BlackBerry owners!

Think you have a better name? Toss it in the comments! BlackBerry has CrackBerry and iPhone is the Ahh Frak phone. It's only a matter of time before the Palm Pre gets stuck with a name... it might as well be one picked out and perpetuated by CrackBerry Nation :-)

* Update: has already thrown back... with Pre-Fects. Read the rebuttal >> *