Thorsten Heins

We're been hearing quite a bit from RIM CEO Thorsten Heins in the last week or so and it's good to see him reaching out to the media and setting some things straight. He's been making the rounds the last few days, all on the heels of the announcement that BlackBerry 10 is delayed and won't launch until early 2013.

Our good friend Al Sacco got a chance to talk one-on-one to the man in charge last week. Al is no slouch when it comes to BlackBerry and he certainly knows the right questions to get the right answers. There is some interesting stuff in the interview -- including the fact that much like many of us, Thorsten also uses a 2nd device to keep up with the competition. He also addresses his editorial in The Globe and Mail as well as what's in store for RIM and the future of BlackBerry.

It's a great read that really gives some awesome insight, so grab a snack, sit back and check out the full interview over at