Thorsten Heins

Thorsten Heins has been making the rounds again interviewing with various media outlets, this time surrounding the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Australia. While BlackBerry 10 and the Z10 are all the focus, Heins did have a few bits to drop in on other topics like the rumors of an updated BlackBerry PlayBook tablet.

We've seen stories flying about BlackBerry 10 coming to the current PlayBook or even a new 10" version running BlackBerry 10, but nothing concrete around an actual release of either product. 

While he was in town for the opening race of the 2013 Formula 1 season to check out the new BlackBerry-sponsored Mercedes AMG Petronas car, Heins took some time to speak at the launch of the BlackBerry Z10 in Sydney. He stressed that BlackBerry is currently locked to smartphones for the time being. He also noted that mobile computing is more about services than devices. BlackBerry has referred to their latest OS all along as a "mobile computing platform" rather than just another smartphone OS. While he didn't comment directly on if a new PlayBook tablet was in the works, he did not that it goes "way beyond mobile communications". 

"How can we take this to the next stage and not just be another tablet, or another design of a tablet? How can we really add value? ... Tablets in my view, from a hardware perspective, is a very difficult business. There's one company, kudos to them, that did it really well and they own the majority of the market."

It goes way beyond mobile communications

Hein's also riffed a bit on other platforms on the market. While he sent a bit of praise to Apple and the iPhone, he doesn't believe they have been very innovative since the initial launch in 2007. Heins didn't take anything away from them however as he said that "Apple did a fantastic job in bringing touch devices to market " but also noted that at this point iOS is five years old. "There is a reason why they were so successful, and we actually have to admit this and respect that.” 

BlackBerry 10 is the new kid on the block, but with the US launch just days away and an order for one million Z10's on the books, the coming weeks will tell us a lot about BlackBerry and what's in store down the road. The numbers have been better than expected across the globe already, so we look forward to good things in the months ahead.