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Following the annual general meeting this week, BlackBerry CEO Thorsten Heins responded to one question about BBM not being logged or tracked by BES 10 anymore. This could understandably lead to a downswing of BBM being used as a corporate tool, but Heins said that following on the cross-platform rollout of BlackBerry Messenger to address consumers, we're going to see "something of a BBM corporate suite".

Apparently addressing all platforms is a key to building these enterprise functions, so it's probably safe to assume you'll be able to manage iOS and Android BBM usage from the suite. Of the solution, he said "We're going to make sure if it's in the corporate domain, it is as secure as e-mail, as any other BlackBerry messaging is."

How popular is BBM in your workplace? Can you see cross-platform support and proper management solutions increasing usage? Are there any work-specific BBM features you'd like to see in BlackBerry Messenger that aren't there yet?