Third party Twitch app coming to BlackBerry 10

As BlackBerry users we know that big name apps don't always make their way to the platform. What we do have though are developers who are willing to put in the hours to support our beloved platform and bring third party versions for us to enjoy. Apps like iGrann, Whine and more. We know there's a Spotify app in the works courtesy of Nemory Studios and now it has come to light that a third party Twitch app is in the works for BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

If you're not familiar with Twitch, it is a service for the gaming community that allows them to broadcast their gameplay to the world. You can interact with other users, as well as watch others too. Twitch gets more than 55 million visitors per month.

The app doesn't have a name yet and there is no beta available either but you can get updates on the progress of the app over on the developers BBM Channel C00499C59 - Hill Studios. He's currently looking for name suggestions, if you have ideas on a name, head on over to the BBM Channel and let the developer know. Here's a couple of screenshots to start you off.

Native Twitch app screenshot

Native Twitch app Browse Screen

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