For those of you who have picked up a Pebble smart watch to use with your BlackBerry 10 device, you may already be using the Talk2Watch app. It is currently the most featured third-party Pebble app for BlackBerry 10. The developer has been very busy working on improvements and features to the app and it certainly makes the case for picking up a Pebble watch to use with BlackBerry 10.

As I already mentioned, when Talk2Watch first launched it was very featured. You could get notifications for calls, messages (email, SMS, MMS), Calendar events, Facebook chat and Twitter. Though for incoming calls, there's no caller ID. On top of that you got music control which was a nice added feature.

With the latest update to v1.0.5.5 there are some nice additions. Foursquare check-in via the Pebble watch, ability to request the local weather and a sports function. There's also a nice little UI change too where you can simple tap an icon to activate or deactivate notifications for that service -- the icon will be grey if notifications are off. To change any settings for each of the functions, you simply swipe down from the icon.

The sports function lets you choose between kilometers or miles as well as pace or speed. You are also shown the total run time. In addition you can make the use of scripts to toggle the sports function on or off. To make use of Foursquare and the weather feature you'll have to create scripts but that's simple enough. If you watch the video above, it will take you through the task creating scripts and you then use the music controls to trigger these actions. You can find more details of these via the help section of the app too. Triggers must be a triple press as double pressing buttons is already reserved for music controls.

Talk2Watch is certainly coming along nicely. The developer is very open to feedback and discussion, so hit up the forums and say hello to the developer. 

Talk2Watch is free and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. I highly recommend this app for any BlackBerry 10 owners who also have a Pebble watch.

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