Third party Instagram app Inst10 sees an update through BlackBerry Beta Zone

It has been a while since we have seen an update to Inst10 - a third party Instagram client - however, an update has now been pushed, though it is through BlackBerry Beta Zone. If you were hoping for the ability to upload videos in this update, this is not yet available, sadly but it does bring tweaks to bring better speed and performance, as well as better photo upload quality - things we would all welcome.

It brings Inst10 to v2.1.600 and below is the full changelog.

  • Switched to latest Instagram API
  • Faster performance and stability
  • Better photo upload quality
  • Fixed registration
  • More bug fixes and improvements

It is noted that the developer - Nemory Studios - is working on video upload, so hopefully this will come to fruition soon. It is also noted that before installing the update, you should delete and previously installed version, due to the new APIs used in the latest version. As noted, this update is only currently available through BlackBerry Beta Zone, which is not available in all regions. If you do have access to BlackBerry Beta Zone, just open app the Beta Zone app and look for the Inst10 update. Don't forget to submit feedback and suggestions through the Beta Zone app to help improve the app further.

Download the BlackBerry Beta Zone app