Third party Instagram app iGrann updated with a long list of bug fixes and new features

For any of you Instagram users out there who are using iGrann, you may have seen that it has received an update - it's first one since entering BlackBerry World. While the developer has been quiet in the forums it didn't mean he wasn't busy with the upkeep of iGrann. This update has a nice long changelog with fixes as well as the addition of some new features.

iGrann v1.0.1.6 changelog

  • Update photo issues (Fixed)
  • Send request multiple toast (Fixed)
  • Follow disappear when accept request (Fixed)
  • Search by name - check space on search (Fixed)
  • No error when changing username on profile edit (Fixed)
  • Custom search 4SQ on photo map (Implemented)
  • No permission error (Implemented)
  • No Facebook post or photo map if it is already on from previous upload remember (Fixed)
  • Emoji issue Q10 cut off (Fixed)
  • Check Facebook share blank login (Fixed)
  • With ReGranning if the picture has no caption on it the ReGrann won't include the user ID (Fixed)
  • Issue with timestamps (Fixed)
  • Scroll refresh again explore (Fixed)
  • Add confirmation when picture is going to be deleted (Implemented)

Glad to see the developer is working hard to fix those issues. I must admit this is the app I use for my Instagram fix, even though iGrann doesn't yet do video uploads, it's native and I don't see the need to use the Android port. This seems to be how most of our CrackBerry readers feel too, judging by our poll.

If you haven't seen the update yet, jump into BlackBerry World and have a look, or you can use the link below. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is free.

Learn more / Download iGrann from BlackBerry World