There are quite a few photo editors out there for you to pimp out your photos after you take and before you share them. We've got another photo app for you today, newly released, after seeing a stint in BlackBerry Beta Zone. This app, however, is more of a realtime photo editor where you can apply the filter as and when you're going to take a photo. The app is called ThirdEye.

The UI is similar to that of the native camera, where there are three icons on the bottom. The center icon is to take the picture, the icon to the left of this is to switch between the front and back cameras and the right icon will bring up the filters. There are several effects to choose from before taking the photo - Blur, Sin City, Lens, Rainbow, Postcard and Mirror. Just select the filter icon on bottom to bring up the selection. There's an arrow icon on the right to close the filter view for when you're ready to take your photo. Each photo effect has options for you to change elements of the photo. Such as with the Blur effect, you can adjust the size of the frame, the blur strength and more. With the postcard effect you can the number of photos to take, by default it's four but you can change this to two. You can also change the delay between taking each photo so you can get a different shot each time.

ThirdEye Postcard Filter

When you've taken you're photo, you'll see the thumbnail of it on the bottom left, just as you have with the native camera. Tap it to view the photo. From here you can share the photo, edit it using the native photo editor or use the app's own tools to add more effects, such as text, shapes, sketch and even emojis. You can even set the transparency of the emojis. There are undo and redo buttons, too, for when things don't quite come out right.

ThirdEye Blur Filter

At the time of writing the version released is v1.0, with this released, only the BlackBerry Passport can take photos in a 1:1 format. With other keyboard models, like the Q10 and Classic, the pictures are set in a landscape (16:9) format. The same goes for full touchscreen models, you have 16:9 in landscape, as well as portrait view. The developer has said that the option to choose a format will come in a future update.

ThirdEye comes from a developer know here in the CrackBerry community for apps such as SuperTube, Video Shrinker, LapseLab and most recently, Snap2Share. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99. You can check out the video above to see how it works to help you decide before purchasing.

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