Third cascades webcast now open for registration

The Cascades webcast series is now on its third session. This webcast is entitled "Cascades - connect, retrieve, store and display your data". The session will cover the aspects of data - how to retrieve data over the network, how to store it and how to bind data to the UI. As usual it follows with a Q & A section at the end.

If you missed the first two sessions, you can catch up as these have now been made available online for you to view on-demand from the Cascades microsite.

The webcast will take July 10, 2012 at 11am EST. If you can't make it, rest assured, it will be posted up on the microsite soon afterwards. The webcasts have been quite informational so far and it is a great opportunity to ask any burning questions you may have about cascades, if it hasn't already been asked in the BlackBerry Support Forums.

Register now for the third Cascades webcast
Catch up on the previous webcasts on the Cascades Microsite