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Attention all audiophiles! Have you been searching for a feature rich music player for your BlackBerry PlayBook? Speaking from experience, no music lover is just content with the native player. They are always on the prowl for the latest and greatest to give them the best experience to fit their style and tastes.

Think-4-U Music Player by Bumblebee Computing, the developer behind AutoPlay, is not only intuitive in terms of playing your favorite tunes but is jam packed with features that go beyond that of the native player.

One of my favorite features is Think Mode. As you go through all of the music loaded your PlayBook it adapts to your playback patterns when think mode is turned on. No matter how long or how short the clip it will even learn to only play parts of a tune (i.e. Sections of an opera or classical piece). However, this only applies to songs played more than 45 seconds.

As you progress through your library, the stronger the pattern and the more it acclimates to your preferences including playback order and song duration. There is no minimum or requisite number of songs needed. For me it accomplished this feat after going through my entire library of over 100 songs just once.


  • Think mode: Automatically learns how you listen to music such as your favorite songs and the favorite parts of the song (e.g. clips) and creates an adaptive playlist that mimics how you like to play music. The more you use it, the more it learns what you like, when you like, what order you like, and what parts you like!
  • Gesture-enabled UI: Intuitive gestures enable you to navigate through your music with ease: swipe left for next song; swipe right for previous; quickly scroll through list of your music library using a velocity sensitive flick gesture; single tap on viewing area to toggle play/pause.  
  • Playlists: Folder-based playlist : Add the files to a sub-folder of the music folder and use it as a playlist; Ordered custom playlists: Drag and drop UI to create unlimited number of custom playlists; m3u playlists: Recognizes and plays .m3u playlists created from programs like iTunes; "My Favorites" playlist: A built-in "My favorites" playlist is provided that allows you the ability to quickly add songs to a customized list; Dynamic playlist: create a dynamic playlist based on the search results; for example, if you want to listen to the Beatles, start entering it the search box. As the results are dynamic, you likely get what you want after entering "Bea..."; Adaptive playlist: Automatically created based on learning your preferences.
  • Lyrics: For mp3s that have lyrics enabled, the lyrics will be displayed during song playback.  This is great to sing-along to their favorite songs!
  • Album art: Parses mp3 and extracts album art if available. 
  • Flickr background: Dynamically retrieves most interesting image of the day from the popular photo sharing site, Flickr.
  • Instant global search: Provides you the ability to quickly search for the songs you are looking for across artist, song title, and album name. Use the results as a dynamic playlist! 
  • Auto-resume: It also incorporates an auto-resume feature that allows you to keep track of which song you left off as well as the playlist without clumsily needing to manually having to remember it yourself.
  • Sleep-timer: Fall asleep to your favorite songs and have player turn off at the interval of your choosing.
  • Wide variety of formats supported: It supports a rich set audio formats including mp3, wma, wav, m4a, and aac.  If it works with the native one, it will work with this app (and conversely if it doesn't work with the native music app, it will also not work with this one); and it plays Music videos too! in all the format supported by the PlayBook including mp4, mov, m4v, etc.

After having used this for awhile I am impressed with not only the ease of use but how it conforms to my listening habits. Definitely an application to check out as an alternative to the native player. For only $0.99 (currently on sale), it offers not only everything listed above but the developer includes top notch support and help with issues and suggestions for future releases as well.

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