Not too long ago I showed you a smart and intuitive music player called Think-4-U for the BlackBerry PlayBook. As someone who can't live without their favorite tunes, all of the capabilities from the tablet version are now available for your BlackBerry 10 device. Coded natively, it is a wonderful music player with the ability to learn and adapt to your listening habits so that your playlist will consist of only those songs you prefer to hear.

While our devices come with a built-in media player, Think-4-U only enhances that experience especially for those of us constantly skipping songs to get to our favorites. As with the PlayBook version, by going through your media library the 'artificial intelligence' conditions itself to these patterns including playback order, song preference, and duration.

Don't let the name be misleading, as it offers more than the aforementioned adaptive playlists. Users can create their own based on favorites, import from a folder, build dynamic playlists from a search, or load ones produced by the BlackBerry music application or third party software such as iTunes. It also displays images from album art, pulls backgrounds from Flickr, and shows lyrics for MP3's with this feature enabled. Finally, Think-4-U features a sleep timer in case you fall asleep to your music library or prefer shutting down your player after setting a specified time interval.

This is a smooth, fast player that incorporates gestures and is a great alternative to the native one. Reasonably priced at $1.99 (though current PlayBook users should be able to download for free) you get all of these features packaged in an easy to use interface. There is also a free trial available for BlackBerry 10 devices should you wish to sample before purchasing with two restrictions: it will not work in standby mode and there is a reminder dialog box on startup. I am thrilled to see it made available for the latest OS and the developer offers top notch support should you have any issues.

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