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There's no denying that things have been a bit crazy around here. We've been sorting through thousands of price drops to bring you all the best ones, and that resulted in hundreds of posts over the past few days. It's always fun to see the items that stand out the most, and which deals people liked more than the rest. This isn't an official list from Amazon, but based on everything that we've seen, these are this year's most popular Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

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Some of them should come as no surprise, but others are a bit more interesting. Amazon's 3rd-gen Echo Dot dropping to $24 was an obvious one, there's just no way that people wouldn't be interested in the latest-gen hardware for more than 50% off. We always say that any time you can save on iTunes gift cards, you should, and it seems that people took that advice to heart. We saw a bunch of promotions from Amazon, Costco, and other retailers on iTunes cards, and it looks like there will be lots of happy people this holiday season.

A bunch of Ring's hardware was on sale for the first time, making it a no-brainer purchase, and with how pricey Philips Hue gear is, it's no shock that people loaded up while it was discounted.

Just about every single one of these deals is still alive right now, so if you haven't already taken advantage of the discounts, you'll want to do that. Cyber Monday is wrapping up now, but Amazon is set to continue the fun with Cyber Monday Week, so stay tuned for more great deals.

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