Nanoleaf 4d CameraSource: CrackBerry

CES 2023

TV bias lighting is a thing that a lot of companies are trying to make happen. On one hand you have an approach like Philips Hue's absurdly expensive Sync TV app. while on the other end you have the more universal Nanoleaf 4D system. The core of the Nanoleaf 4D is a camera that you can place above or below your TV screen, where it will observe what's displayed and map that content onto the lights on your wall. It also includes a light strip to mount onto the back of your TV

Nanoleaf had a demo of the 4D set up at CES 2023 and it was impressive. While there were definitely well over a thousand dollars worth of various Nanoleaf light panels and light bars on the wall, I can't deny that it was impressive. None of this vague splotches of light business — the panels extend the colors and brightness of your TV across the wall in a really unique and even beautiful manner.

The Nanoleaf 4D will be available starting in the second quarter of 2023 with a starting price of just $99.99 — though you'll need a lot of Nanoleaf lights to really take advantage of it.

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