BlackBerry Apocalypse

So tomorrow is December 21st. It's the end of the Mayan calendar and many are prepping for what could be the end of the world. We want to make sure that you all survive to see the release of BlackBerry 10, so we've taken some time to compile a list of must-have apps should things go south on Friday. As long as you have your trusty BlackBerry by your side and a few solid apps you should be able to make it out A ok. Keep reading for our list of apocalypse survival apps for your BlackBerry.

Survive the apocalypse with these apps

Flashlight Apps

Of course when the world goes dark you'll be in a bit of trouble, but having a flashlight app on your BlackBerry will let you see what you need to. There are plenty of flashlight apps - both free and paid - so you should have no problem finding one that works for you.

Flashlight apps in BlackBerry App World

First Aid Apps

If things go downhill and someone gets injured, you better know what to do. These first aid apps will give you some quick tips and info to keep on trucking until you can get to help. These apps have videos, step-by-step instructions and much more.

First aid apps in BlackBerry App World

Scanner Radio

The first responders will be out in full force for the apocalypse, so be sure to stay on top of things with a solid scanner. Scanner Radio gives you feeds for fire, weather and police in your area so you can listen in to everything that goes down right on your BlackBerry. $0.99 in BlackBerry App World.

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If you can get in touch with your friends, you can always track them down with foursquare. Just check-in wherever you end up so your friends can find you and meet up. There's safety in numbers.

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Of course when disaster strikes everyone will turn to Twitter, so don't be left out. The newest version for BlackBerry is just a few days old and will help you vent your frustration with the rest of the world. Tell them how you're fairing where you are and keep in touch with other friends before the lights go out for good.

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Why is a streaming radio on the list you ask? Well if all else fails you'll want some sweet tunes to listen to while the world is coming to an end, right? Plus it's free.

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We really don't think the world is going to end tomorrow (but hey, you never know) so this is obviously just for fun. After all, we have to make it to January 30th 2013 to see BlackBerry 10, right?!