This app is one of my favorite apps on BlackBerry 10. It makes managing my social media updates a lot easier. The latest update to QuickPost brings us to v2.4 and it gives us themes. Great for those who want a variation of colour. There's also a nice addition of history, which allows you to go back and re-post any updates you have sent previously, the last few anyway. Definitely a great feature for me.

Here's the full changelog for QuickPost v2.4.0.10

Core Features:

  • Themes – Customize your QuickPost experience with themes. Over 25 to collect, and more to come! Each theme is $1.99 with the exception of the "Weekly Pro Sale" that features a different theme each week for 50% off for QP Pro users.
  • History and Re-Post – Track, re-post, and draft with the new History feature! This allows you to go back and repost to additional accounts, and see previous posts. *Tip – you can compose draft messages to post later, by choosing "cancel" once you share your post.
  • Enhanced Active Frame – Now shows the date for added convenience. Leave QuickPost open and easily see the date displayed on your home screen.
  • Shop Redesigned – Completely redesigned to support themes and rotating sales
  • Welcome Page Redesigned – Now provides quick overview of the most exciting new features
  • Release Notes Redesigned – Streamlines the General and Pro release notes

Pro Features:

  • Weekly Theme Sales – Each week a different theme will be put on sale for .99 cents (50% off). This deal is only for QP Pro users.
  • Expanded History – QuickPost Pro users can store 3X the history items
  • History Cloud Sync – QuickPost Pro users receive the added benefit of having their history synced to the cloud between devices.

Themes are and extra purchase for those who want theme. They are currently priced at $1.99 each and there are 25 to choose from, with more to come in the future. There is even a CrackBerry theme in there too. To find your History, just swipe from the top when you're in the app. These two features are my favorite addition in this version.

As a reminder, QuickPost allows you send to multiple social accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook and BBM, just by typing it all out once. And now you can go back and re-send them if you need to. QuickPost costs $0.99. There are extra features available if you upgrade to a Pro package such as URL shortening, Target Picker Positioning, Share Target Customization. The Pro package comes at a cost of $3.99. QuickPost is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones.

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