If you fancy spicing up the way your BlackBerry 10 device looks then you may want to check out Theme from S4BB. The app is free to download and it's the perfect way to customize the way your BlackBerry home screens look.

Technically it isn't a Theme, more of a wallpaper, but as you will see in the video there are loads of options for making your BlackBerry look just how you want. Using the app is dead simple. You just select either one of the background images from within the app, choose one from your device or even take a photo and use that.

Then it's on to tweaking things. You can change the color of not only the area around the app icons but also the area at the top and bottom of the display - sweet.

There are 20 different colors to choose from so with the combination of the wallpaper, bars and app icons you really can make your BlackBerry look unique.

Hit up the link below and let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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