For anyone interested in having the periodic table available for reference on their BlackBerry 10 device may want to take a look at The Elements — a simple, dynamic periodic table created in Cascades. It is nicely laid out and you can view the periodic table in two color-coded categories - Groups or Blocks. You can tap into an element to get more information such as group, period, density, boiling point and more.

You can also just jump into the entire element list which can be assorted by atomic number, symbol or alphabetically. It is all simply laid out with lovely colors easy to the eye.


I like The Elements for it’s simple visual look and interface. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices but I have found that it doesn’t look fully optimised for the BlackBerry Z30 and when viewing the element list it is almost unreadable due to the font colour. Hopefully the developer can quickly fix this. Otherwise, it works great on other BlackBerry devices. You can get it from BlackBerry World for $0.99.

Learn more / Download The Elements from BlackBerry World