That's what she said!

Having just gotten my BlackBerry Storm 2 days ago I have been going through and testing applications like crazy to see what would work as expected and what I quite possibly may need to find alternatives for, so far, so good not many apps out there that I will need to "replace" so to speak, Awesome! 

This application though, is strictly for the laughs. I was crusing the CrackBerry forums when I was amazed to see how many requests their actually was for an application just like this one, I laughed even at the thought of it. The phrase "That's what she said", made famous by the hit TV show The Office but originating from way back to even the Wayne's World days can now be carried around with you on BlackBerry Storm in the form of an application lol. With over 20 sound clips and 6 wallpapers and functionality in landscape and portrait mode TWSSApp is bound to get you a few laughs either that or  get you slapped a few times, you run the risk of that you're on your own there. Check out Mike240se's thread in CrackBerry Forums for more information and other applications created by Mike420se.

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