I've not used an application on BlackBerry 10 like Text Twister before. And you know what - It's kinda fun and also good for winding up BBM friends with some garbled messages!

As you'll see from the above video, Text Twister allows you to alter text in a selection of ways - including upside down, which will really confuse people who receive a message that haven't seen this. That's half the fun in my opinion. Nothing wrong with smiling more.

The best news here is that the developer has kindly given us 2000 promo codes so if you get in quick you can save yourself a buck and get Text Twister for free. All you need to do is to hit up BlackBerry World, pull down from the top bezel, select 'Redeem' and enter the code TTCBPROMO14. The price will then switch to free - sorted.

Have fun and feel free to air your views in the comments.

Features of Text Twister include:

  • Type in upside down, circled, leet speak and many more....

  • Use 1000+ emoticons (emojis)

  • Add ASCII decorations

  • SMS, BBM or email your created text directly from the app

  • Post to social networking sites (configured on phone) directly from the app

More information/Download Text Twister for BlackBerry 10