Text editor Helium adds full GIT integration in the latest update

For those who require a text editor on a daily basis, especially while on the move, Helium is one app you can download to get editing. It's a lightweight text editor that supports plenty of file types, such as html, css, javascript, markdown, sml, sql, php, perl and many, many more. Helium stands for Highlight Editor with LIght-weight rUntime environMent. You can have a look at our quick review to see more.

There have been a few updates since our review but in the latest update the developer has added full GIT integration, something which has been requested by many users. Ask and you shall receive. Below is a list of all changes and updates since our review.

Version 1.1.0.x:

  • NEW: full GIT integration: init, clone, diff, checkout, branch, reset, merge, rebase, pull, push, etc.
    • init a new git repo / clone an existing repo
    • view git diff of working directory against index / index against HEAD
    • view detailed diff hunks of each diff
    • color variations in diff view according to different themes
    • git log (from HEAD)
    • git reset (mixed / hard)
    • view git branches
    • add / delete / checkout branches
    • git log for each branch
    • view commit details (author, committer, message) for each commit shown in the log
    • checkout individual commit
    • view diff introduced in each commit
    • fetch / pull / push branch
    • merge / rebase branch
    • ssh authentication with remotes
  • NEW: new language support: cucumber, go, groovy, json, R, S, zsh

Version 1.0.4.x

  • NEW: Full-screen mode and ability to hide title bar
  • NEW: added Rename and Reload actions
  • NEW: added auto-detection of external changes on files being edited
  • NEW: instruction on how to compile and run c/c++ files within Helium (Reference-Run Profile)
  • IMPROVE: make use of font settings for command output

Version 1.0.3.x

  • NEW: project management - manage tabs with projects and open files within the project directory easily
  • NEW: persistence for opened projects
  • IMPROVE: opening files now doesn't ask for Unsaved change confirmation anymore: it creates new tabs after the current one
  • IMPROVE: new tab is now inserted after the current one instead of always appending to the end
  • IMPROVE: keyboard shortcut help is now displayed via prompt instead of toast: too much information for a toast

Helium is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and will cost you $8.99. While it may seem steep, if you work with text files regularly, it will be beneficial in the long run. And you can see that the developer is actively updating the app. Your feedback and suggestion are welcome. You can also check out our quick hands-on review before deciding.

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