Everyone loves a bit of Tetris don't they? Electronic Arts has brought a fantastic version to BlackBerry 10 called Tetris for BlackBerry 10. It wouldn't have taken long to come up with that name, but it suits. The game itself is typical Tetris but it works beautifully on the BlackBerry Z10 with smooth colorful graphics and some nice sound effects/music.

Controlling the falling pieces is clearly all done with the display on the BlackBerry. Just tap the screen to rotate the piece and then swipe left or right to move it. And if you can't wait for the item to reach its resting place you can drag it down into place with a downwards swipe - and it all works like a dream.

There are a couple of different games within Tetris - Marathon or Magic - but as I'm not the best at the game I've been sticking to 'Quick Play' which suits me just fine. From the menu you can also view statistics of all versions of the game and jumping into the options will allow you to alter a few things such as the music and sound.

One feature I love in the game is the 'Hold' option. If you fancy saving a particular colored piece for later you can 'Hold' it and then use it later which is pretty clever. Tetris for BlackBerry 10 is priced at £2.00/$2.99 and although I would like to have seen it cheaper it still offers pretty good value for money. If you have been a Tetris fan before you will adore this version.

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