EA has just unleashed their first two titles for BlackBerry 10: Flight Control Rocket and Tetris. They’re both going for $2.99, and mark what will no doubt be a huge flood of EA games on BlackBerry 10 prior to the U.S. launch of the Z10.

Tetris is the timeless classic puzzle game where players have to interlock falling blocks so that they create solid rows and disappear. Over time, the blocks fall more quickly, testing your fast thinking and reflexes. Flight Control Rocket is the space age iteration the hugely popular tracing game. Players have to guide ships to their color-coded landing pads by tracing lines with their fingers. It gets tricky when there are a lot of ships on screen and making sure they don’t collide with one another.

In any case, these are both solid games and totally worth your coin Convince EA that it was smart of them to get involved with BlackBerry 10. Which other EA games are you looking forward to on BlackBerry 10? Plants vs. Zombies, anyone?

Purchase / more information for Tetris on BlackBerry 10
Purchase / more information for Flight Control Rocket on BlackBerry 10