TetherBerry Gets You Connected!

The good folks over at TetherBerry have got the CrackBerry Forums all excited with almost 60 pages of questions, comments and users sharing information on the application. That being the case, it's about time we have a look at what exactly TetherBerry is and I think most of you out there will be pleasantly surprised with it if you give it a go.

Has anyone out there tried to use their BlackBerry as a modem for their PC or laptop before? I'm positive some of you have. In doing so I'm also positive some of you had some heck of an issue in getting it set up and working right as the process is not always the easiest thing to accomplish. Be it due to the fact your device was not being recognized by your PC or that you had to create and set up an often times finicky DUN (Dial Up Network) just in order to be able to access your carrier's internet services and not to mention, the fact when you called your carrier and asked for assitance they probably advised you it was going to cost you another $30-$40 more a month just to have the usage of the data which you're already paying for as "Unlimited."

TetherBerry is here to take away some of those pains and they have been working hard to ensure all is working well with their application. Most recently updating their Beta app to be compatible with 64 bit OS and being able to handle UDP on top of that.

Here is how dead simple TetherBerry was for me. I went to their site, I signed up as a Beta tester and got sent my link to download both the "on device" application and PC version (Mac is not supported, but is said to work under Parallels and Boot Camp) installed both, disconnected my PC from its hard-wired connection and fired up the app on both PC and BlackBerry, plugged my Bold (3G, FTW!) in via USB and my device was detected, connected and ready to roll. Opened up Firefox and BAM! Was on the interwebs getting my daily dose of CrackBerry information. Simple as that, no fussing with DUN's, no messing around with connection settings or anything else. Just internet. Before you dive in though, be sure to check out what others are saying in the CrackBerry Forums as there is a lot of awsome information coming out of them in regards to how TetherBerry is working for others. Also note the Beta is only free till March 9th, so get in quick!