Back in March we first found out about TetherBerry but sadly it was only for PC users.  We've had the pleasure of meeting with the great minds behind the application here at WES, and got word today that they are now accepting users for their Mac Beta. If you're unfamiliar with TetherBerry, it's an application that lets you tether your BlackBerry device to a PC (and now Mac) using only your device data. If you're a Mac user, definitely check this out and report back with your findings. A full release is only a couple weeks away, and we'll have a few free copies to give away at that time. Keep in mind this is a beta release so it may not work at full capacity. Also, be sure you have an unlimited data plan and check your carrier terms and conditions because the guys at TetherBerry aren't going to pay your data bill. You can head over to http://www.tetherberry.com/mac_beta to sign up for the beta.