Tether- TetherBerry Rebranded Get It Now On Sale!

We've been following the good folks at TetherBerry for a long time now. So the latest news to come from those folks brings a smile to our faces as we have been able to watch the growth happen before our eyes. The newly rebranded Tether has been accepted into BlackBerry App World, been downloaded by more then 60,000 customers in 114 countries and is now expanding their horizons to other smartphone markets such as Android and iPhone.

In celebration of their new rebranding, acceptance to BlackBerry App World and launch of their new Android beta, you can now get Tether on sale for 50% off the original price which is a steal for such a great application. And just in case that's not enough of a push, free trial of Tether is available for you to check out. For more information on options and features, be sure to check out Tethers new website and read feedback from other users.