We recently informed you that WhatsApp had introduced voice messaging into their BlackBerry 10 application so it would be rude of us not to give you a quick demonstration on video.

If you missed our previous post and are a WhatsApp user you may well have noticed a microphone tab appear next to the message field. Give that a long press and the instant messaging client will start recording your voice. When you are done, just release your press and the message will be sent off to the recipient. If you start recording and decide that the message is not right you can just slide your thumb over to the right and the message will be deleted.

When I recorded the above video with Kevin it was literally the first time giving voice messaging a go on WhatsApp for me, but you'll be pleased to hear that after testing further it's actually a lot easier and smoother than I make it look on camera. Normally, we would test the app out first but Kevin was just about to go to bed so I decided to go for it anyway - and I suppose there is nothing wrong with showing the true 'new' user experience.

To summarize the new feature I'd say it seems to work perfectly after getting used to it. It's not something that I will use on a regular basis but It is nice for it to be there when required. With BBM rolling out to Android and iOS soon it looks like WhatsApp are stepping up the pace in order to keep customers using their app. If they can carry on with nice new features like this they certainly stand a chance.

Not tried WhatsApp? Download it here.