WooHoo! With my purchase yesterday of a BlackBerry Bold 9900, I finally have video recording capabilities on a BlackBerry Smartphone that I'm actually going to want to take advantage of on a regular basis. Above you'll find the first video I recorded on my new Bold, which records in 720p HD at 1280x720 resolution. Once recorded, I uploaded the video straight to our youtube.com/crackberrydotcom account directly from the device (no editing). 

As you'll see, RIM did good here. The video quality is really clear in my opinion as is the sound quality (if anything the sound pickup was better than I expected - I was talking pretty darn loud as I figured I'd have to, but when talking normally the sound came through smooth). Like any mobile phone, if you're shaky the video will be shaky, and you get a good sense of how the recording works both ways in this video. I was a little shaky at the start, then things got steadier when I handed the camera of - but NOTE... I did not have Image Stabalization turned on for this video, so turning it on should further smooth things out (we'll do some more followup vids soon).

As for the contents of the video... this one came a bit out of nowhere. CrackBerry member deRusset tracked me down this evening to take a photo of me for the CrackBerry GooseChase, so we grabbed some dinner and talked about our newly acquired Bold 9900's (CrackBerry Review currently a work in progress...stay tuned!). The other person who joined in for dinner is Remik Szul. who is a founding member of the original Crack Team and proud owner of user id #2 on CrackBerry. Both deRusset and I agree we're skinnier in real life than the video shows, but other than that, it's looking the video camera on these new BlackBerry 7 Smartphones are going to get a lot of use!

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