While the name suggests it's a racing game, it is quite the opposite. You're not racing against anyone, except yourself. Even then there is no time clock running down either. Instead, you're presented with off road courses where you have to drive through collecting coins, topping up fuel and carrying out air jumps and flips for points. 

When you first play the game, you are given a buggy as a vehicle and the country hills course is unlocked for you, too. You can then buy other vehicles and levels as you get enough coins to purchase them. Occasionally, there will be levels or vehicles that you can get for free. To get this you just have to gift it to any of your friends who play the Road Rush Racing and they can then gift it back. This is established via BBM and Scoreloop.

You can also upgrade your vehicle. There are four ways to upgrade your vehicle - engine, tires, suspension and brakes. The more you upgrade the more expensive it will be.

Game play itself is pretty simple. You have an onscreen accelerator and brake to control your vehicle and also displayed is your fuel level and a speedometer. Being off road, the course can get bumpy and you'll have to be careful not to go too fast down hill, otherwise you'll crash and burn. However, if you time it just right you can carry out a full 360 degree flip for extra points. There are also extra points to be gained by doing big air jumps. 

At times it can seem quite hard though that could just be due to my horrible skills, however, I do find upgrading your vehicle helps somewhat. 

Road Rush Racing is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and what's more it is absolutely free. You can't get better than that. Give it a download for some weekend fun.

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