With summer almost in full swing, many are on the lookout for new and exciting games to play at parties, and Beat The Intro for BlackBerry smartphones is undoubtedly one of those games. The premise of the game it pretty straightforward -- guess the song's intro before time runs out, and you’ve only got 15 seconds. When you open up the game you will be presented with three options: single player, multiplayer and your music basket. Single player and BBM connected multiplayer are self-explanatory, but what is this ‘My Music Basket"? My Music Basket is where your collection of bought music is stored for later use. Having a dedicated location for your paid music will make it easier to access your favourites without digging through piles of songs you don’t like.


  • Current list of top billboard music
  • Expandable music collection via in app purchases
  • BBM connected multiplayer
  • Simple yet intuitive controls
  • Powered by 7Digital music store
  • Purchase new packs from within the app and expand the Beat The Intro® experience! Pick from a wide selection of carefully constructed 50-track packs from your favourite musical eras and artists and play away instantly! Watch out for free giveaways, prizes, promotional codes and even some special feature packs from your favourite artists!

It also looks as though the developer is working with artists and 7Digital to provide free music download promos, so you’ll want keep an eye out for that too. One thing I did find myself doing while testing out Beat The Intro, was connecting it to my BlackBerry Music Gateway to have the songs pump through my home sound system. Just adds a little more excitement to the game. Beat The Intro is available for BlackBerry smartphones running OS 5 and higher and can be downloaded from BlackBerry App World for free. Download it today and see just how good your music knowledge really is!

Download Beat the Intro for BlackBerry smartphones

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