For some of you this may just be a trip down memory lane and for others, it’ll be a new game to play and challenge your friends with. Mimic'R for the BlackBerry PlayBook is a game that is quite similar to Simon, an electronic game built by Milton Bradley in the US in 1978. The goal of this game is to remember the light sequence that is presented to you -- but be careful! Things get tricky as the sequence speeds up. Mimic'R features 4 game modes and three speed levels which add to the complexity and are there in hopes to test your memory.


  • Futuristic Graphics
  • 4 Game Modes
  • 3 Speed Levels
  • High Scores
  • A vast variety of sounds
  • Unlimited Rounds

Game Modes

  • Classic - MIMIC the entire sequence of tones and lights for as long as possible.
  • Velocity - Same as CLASSIC mode except the game speed increases after each correctly MIMIC'D sequence.
  • Single - Game does not replay the entire sequence. Only the last in the sequence is displayed for MIMIC'N.
  • Mono - All lights are grey and play the same sound when illuminated. Can only MIMIC based on location.

While I wasn’t old enough to have the dexterity to play Simon when it originally came out, I do remember playing it a few years after and being addicted to the challenge (and the flashy lights of course).  With Mimic'R, I’ve found myself playing this game for the past hour attempting to beat my high score of 25. While I haven’t been able to beat it just yet, I challenge you to try and beat it. While there won’t be any prizes, it’ll be fun to see everyone’s score. Mimic'R has a free version and a paid version as well. The paid version gives you more options for speed and game levels; as well it’s only .99 cents. So download one of the versions, try to beat my score and post a comment below. Let the battle begin!

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More information/Download Mimic'R Lite

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