Any smart marketing professional would know that brand recognition is one of the most valuable things when marketing in today's high-tech world. The funny thing is, you've probably seen more brands and logos than you could even imagine. Each and every day, we as consumers are presented with thousands upon thousands of logos, which are in turn brands. The question is, how many do you remember? A few days ago XLabz Technologies, the developers behind games like Sketch W Friends for BlackBerry PlayBook, Uber Iris for BlackBerry PlayBook, have released their newest title called The Logo Game which is available on the BlackBerry PlayBook.


  • 300+ popular brands from around the world assorted in 8 levels
  • Facebook and Twitter friends can be used to solve hard Logos Ability to get hints, resolve instantly
  • Ability to buy hints
  • Facebook integration

The idea behind the game is quite straightforward. You will be presented with logos from brands that are all over the world, and you need to guess what company/product the logo is associated with. Just remember, as you're playing the game on your BlackBerry PlayBook if you get stuck you can use a hint or ask a friend. There are two ways you can gain hints. The first is by getting perfect on your logo guess and the other is to buy them with an in-app purchase. Hints can be bought within the game for $0.99, $1.99, and $2.99, which will give you 25, 50, and 100 hints respectively. You can also ask friends via the built in Twitter and Facebook integration. The Logo Game is available for free on the BlackBerry PlayBook in BlackBerry App World so hit up the link below and test just how well you know your logos!

Download The Logo Game for the BlackBerry PlayBook