The word on the street is that Tesco Mobile (who run off the O2 network) in the UK are doing away with any additional charges for using their 4G services. The good news for us folk on team BlackBerry is that if you are in the market for a new device, Tesco sell the BlackBerry Q5 on contract. Alternatively, if you own any unlocked BlackBerry 10 handset you can stick in a Tesco SIM and you'll be good to go. The BlackBerry Q5 is of course 4G enabled so if you are within a 4G coverage area it may be worth considering. 

Tesco are offering the BlackBerry Q5 on contract from £19 per month on a 24 month deal, with no up-front cost - although that plan only gives you 500mb of data. They do have a further three options of 1,2 & 3GB of data with a max cost of £29 per month for the top package, which will also net you 3000 minutes and 5000 SMS - not bad. 

If you go down the SIM only route then there are a whopping 14 tariffs to choose from, both 30 day and 12 month - and they are pretty darn reasonable. 

Head on over to Tesco Mobile for all the deals

Source: Android Central