Over the past few weeks now we've received several tips surrounding the list of Canadian carriers who are suggested to be releasing the BlackBerry Passport. It's comprised of all the usual suspects such as Bell, Rogers, and TELUS but unlike some previous device releases, everything surrounding the Passport has been rather hush-hush and the tips have never come along with the typical 'proof' people have come to expect.

Adding some credibility to the tips we received, Mobile Syrup has now managed to independently confirm through their sources that TELUS will be among the carriers to offer the device. Given their pretty damn good track record of knowing what's happening internally at Canadian carriers, it's safe to say TELUS is on that list.

Still, there's no hard pricing details available nor any firm launch date to refer to so the wait continues. At least we got some new images to look at though while we all wait and just to be clear, the information is not based on TELUS being shown as the carrier on the device. It was confirmed by Mobile Syrup through other resources.