If you thought the BlackBerry PlayBook wasn't going to see any more updates, TELUS is here to tell you otherwise. They're rolling out OS for the 4G LTE PlayBook today to bring along a few fixes and enhancements. 

The update includes the following changes:

  • Enabled personal data encryption.
  • Support for portrait views in Messages, Calendar and Contacts apps
  • Various bug fixes for the Kobo app and GroupeWise 8.0.2
  • New BlackBerry Bridge feature that allows users to send and compose SMS using the BlackBerry Bridge app

We're sure there aren't too many of you rocking a TELUS 4G LTE model but if you are, today is your lucky day. You can check for an available update on your device or just sit tight and wait for the notification. If you happen to install it be sure to drop a comment letting us know how it is.