Telus Roadmap

If you're looking for one carrier who will be covering all bases BlackBerry, then Telus has this one wrapped up. Their latest leaked roadmap shows they'll soon be launching the whole 2011 line up from RIM. Although the images are rather blurry up there, here is what we can expect for devices and release dates:

  • BlackBerry Torch 2 / 9810 / Jennings - August 15th
  • BlackBerry Bold 9900 / Dakota - August 15th
  • BlackBerry Torch 9860 / Monza - August 22nd
  • BlackBerry Curve Apollo / 9360 - August 29th
  • BlackBerry Orlando / Curve Touch - October 1st
  • BlackBerry Bellagio / Bold 9790 - October 1st

That's quite a bit of BlackBerry devices all within a short span -- looks like RIM will be making up for lost time assuming these dates don't sway far from what they are now. Of course, roadmaps are guidelines and not official but either way -- it's nice to see all those dates listed.

Source: BGR