16GB PlayBook discontinued at TELUS
It's no secret that the BlackBerry PlayBook hasn't sold as well as I'm sure RIM was hoping it would. Take it as you will, but some internal documents from TELUS are listing the 16GB PlayBook as "to be discontinued" with the last date for the retailer to order stock of the tablet being back on October 10th and the final day for returns to RIM as November 8th. No indication of the last day the 16GB PlayBook will be available from TELUS, likely because they want to sell through whatever remaining stock they have.

While a lot of people are viewing this as a sign of doom and gloom, if you step back and take a closer look, it's really not a huge deal. It's just one retailer, discontinuing one model of the tablet. Maybe the 16GB version just wasn't a popular seller for TELUS, and they are clearing it out to make room for the new 4G versions that are supposed to be coming soon.

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Source: Mobilesyrup

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