Telus BlackBerry Thunder

Looks like I might be jumping the Rogers ship and moving over to Telus in a few months. Why? Word has it they are poised to become the exclusive carrier of RIM's touchscreen BlackBerry in Canada.

Yesterday in the Globe and Mail, in an article called 10 Reasons to Buy Rogers, the author dropped in this seemingly innocent line:

"On the other hand, Telus is expected to launch (exclusively) a new touch screen BlackBerry this fall, which could steal some of the Bold's Thunder, albeit temporarily." 

Telus and the BlackBerry Thunder? What about the Verizon/Vodafone worldwide exclusive? It was unconfirmed news to me so I held off posting, but after working over some trusty RIM-connected folk last night (a.k.a. Yager Bombs at a bar until 2am), I have indeed confirmed that Telus will in fact be getting a touchscreen BlackBerry - exclusively (at least to start). I'll want to see it before I fully believe it, but it only makes sense that somebody get to carry the Thunder in RIM's home and native land.

Update: Since posting this live I have received yet further word confirming the above. Good news for Telus subscribers, that's for sure.

You can talk about in the forums here (thanks mnokia) and yes, that's some intentionally bad Telus logo photoshopping :-)