If you live in Canada and have been a little on the fence about which carrier to get a BlackBerry Z30 from the folks at Telus are making it a little bit of an easier decision for you. Initially, Telus had set the off contract pricing for the BlackBerry Z30 at $650 but now they've gone ahead and changed things up by deciding to reduce that pricing by $50 making the grand total $600 outright. 

For comparison sake, Bell, who generally prices their off contract devices higher than other carriers anyway, still has their BlackBerry Z30 sitting at $700 and while the Rogers pricing has yet to be revealed this makes Telus the best carrier in Canada to get a BlackBerry Z30 from in terms of pricing. Ultimately, you can use the saved money to unlock that sucker and put it on whatever network you want.

And finally, if you're not really interested in the Z30 and would rather pick up a BlackBerry Z10 Telus also has dropped pricing on that device. You can now pick up a BlackBerry Z10 from Telus for only $450 outright. Bell still has their Z10 set at $650 outright while Rogers is offering it for $650. Interesting pricing game there. Only problem now is, convincing retail locations to actually sell you those devices outright.

PS: You can buy a factory unlocked Z10 in either white or black direct from BlackBerry for $400 so buying one from a carrier is a bit daft anyway.