[ Image Removed at Request ]

You can take this post as you see fit, we're just relaying the information here...  an anoymous tipster sent us in what they say is a screen print of the first SKU to show up in the Telus inventory system related to the BlackBerry 9630 (codenamed "Niagara", now thought to be going to market as the BlackBerry Tour 9630).  

The SKU isn't for the device though, rather it's for a BlackBerry 9630 accessory (I shrunk the image down slightly to fit the blogs). It's no surprise that the 9630 will be coming to Telus, but if the appearance of an accessory SKU can be taken as a sign that a device release is planned in the not-so distant future, then this would be very good news to many a Telus subscriber. We're not totally sure if that is the case... but certainly hope so!