Telus BlackBerry Storm Roundup

* Update: Sold Out! Now that was fast. Apparently Telus had around 4,000 units (via MobileSyrup), but those are long gone. Telus Storms are now on back order for one to two weeks, but I don't be surprised if that translates to early January.

This one is for all of the Canadian Storm chasers out there... lots of Telus Storm stuff to cover...

Available Now - First up, the Telus Storm has launched. You can head over to Telus' website and buy it now. $599.99 off contract for the Telus Storm is actually the same price I just paid for the Rogers 8900 Curve off contract. If you want to have the Storm under your Christmas tree, you'll need to place your order by December 17th. It's also available in select stores. via MobileSyrup

Soft-Launched - Like all things related to the launch of the Storm, they never go smooth. According to Michael at BGR:

It looks like Telus is soft-launching the Storm because we're hearing that the full-scale launch has been delayed until January due to RIM's failure to deliver adequate levels of stock (estimates say Telus has 2,500 units for all of Canada). As a result, those stores with stock will be able to sell the device to new clients only so that Telus will be able to brag about a Stormy Christmas. 

Telus Storm Stuff - Keep reading after the jump for an unboxing of the Telus BlackBerry Storm, an interview Judy Mellet, Director of Product Realization for Telus and more!

Telus BlackBerry Storm Launch Party

The Telus BlackBerry Storm launch party was held Monday night in Toronto, and a few of the BlackBerry bloggers based around there showed up to cover the event (well..more like attend the event and party it up, then blog it later once the hangover and headache was gone). Good ole Doug over at BlackBerry Cool posted up some solid pictures of the event (check them out here) as well as a couple videos which I'll post below. The first is the interview and the second is Doug unboxing his new Storm (the perk of attending one of these parties!) and the third is the schwag unboxing. Enjoy!!