The BlackBerry Q10 is finally hitting retail shelves across Canada, and now we get to see what you'll be getting, at least from a box at TELUS.

Sure, we're all really impressed by the preview package Kevin got, but what will the rest of us get in a store? Well, take a look...

New style headphones with custom gels - check. MicroUSB cable with charging plug - check. Instructions and warranty information that will never be read - check. Q10 with big honkin' battery - check. That's about it, really. It's refreshing to see that the TELUS Q10 will be as devoid of carrier branding as the Z10, though that may change when we check out the Rogers and Bell models tomorrow on launch day here in Toronto. 

The only real downside to my unboxing is that my TELUS SIM was taking its sweet time to activate, which means that for now, we won't know for sure what the preloads are going to be. On the plus side, we'll find out what they are tomorrow when you can pick up a Q10 at TELUS. Expect the gallery here to update then once I get some screenshots.  (Update: So, the SIM card activated shortly after this post went up, and it turns out there isn't any preloaded software just yet. A TELUS rep told me that they'll be rolling out their account management app to Q10s soon.)

So, Canadians, which carrier are you going with for your BlackBerry Q10 - Rogers, Bell, or TELUS? Are you holding out for WIND? Any particular accessories in the box you'd like to see?

Interested? Grab a BlackBerry Q10 from TELUS online here for $199