Telus' BlackBerry Pearl Flip 8230 Set To Launch!

Telus' advertising team has been hard at work as of late with a whole slew of new commercials, bus banners and billboards all going up depicting 2 versions of the 8230 soon to be available from Telus. With so much advertising being seen as of late, you would almost think the device had already been launched already, but alas it just seems to be counter advertising in hopes to offset any sales in which Bell would be gaining from their release of the 8230.

We have been hearing rumors on Telus' pricing for their launch that were along of the lines of $500 no contract, $100 with a new 3 year one but also that Telus was prepping a special plan for the Black and Pink Flip that would get the price down to around $32.50 with 200 minutes, evening and weekends and early calling at 6 PM and of course, unlimited email and instant messaging. But at this point the Telus sites just simply say "Coming Soon" but I'm willing to bet it'll be sooner then later.

That is, provided they don't run into the same issue the 8230's are now facing on Bell, where they have been offered a fresh new update to the OS due to some issue, relevant to when the handhelds were loaded with BlackBerry OS. Boy Genius got the lowdown on that if you're interested.