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Telstra now offering prepaid BIS plans, BlackBerry Curve 9320 arriving soon

If you live in Australia, the prepaid options for BlackBerry with BIS services aren't exactly plentiful as only a few retailers offer the service, often with spotty coverage. Telstra is looking to better that situation a little and as such, have now made BlackBerry BIS service plans available to pre-paid customers. So how does it all work and what it will it cost you?

With your Pre-Paid BYO BlackBerry you can receive 30 days' access to the world-leading BlackBerry Individual Solution (BIS) with every recharge of $40 or more.

BIS provides you with unlimited BlackBerry and instant messaging, unlimited use of BlackBerry apps from BlackBerry AppWorld® for social networking, an unlimited number of emails, mobile web browsing in Australia, contact lists, tasks, calendar and organiser that you can take with you.

For every recharge of $40 or more you’ll enjoy 30 days' BIS access – plus the usual benefits in your pre-paid offer. Upon expiry of your BIS, you have a grace period of 30 days to recharge $40 or more and remain connected. If you miss this window, call 125 8887 and restore connection before you recharge.

In addition to the plan now being made available, Telstra will soon be offering the BlackBerry Curve 9320 as their first prepaid device on the network. Right now, we're not sure of the official launch date or pricing but if you currently already own a BlackBerry, Telstra will offer you the prepaid plan. Thanks, happydude-

For more info visit the Telstra website

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