What's Your Dream BlackBerry Look Like?

I tend to have a lot of interesting BlackBerry-related conversations when I get on the road and attend conferences and shows. Last week at CES 2012 was no exception, where I found myself thinking and debating about what the ULTIMATE BlackBerry would look like.

It's an interesting topic to ponder, especially as we're progressing into a sea of full touchscreen devices, which tend to look mainly the same. While BlackBerry captured consumer mindshare with the iconic full keyboard BlackBerry design (pretty much any smartphone with a front facing keyboard gets referred to as a BlackBerry whether it is or not), Apple was first out of the gate with an iconic full touchscreen. Super-sized touchscreen phones definitely scream Android these days, though telling them apart from one another is something only addicts like our pal Phil at Android Central can easily do.

In the past couple of years we have seen a few users put forth their vision for the future of BlackBerry, with designs like Empathy (above left) and the Titan Concept (above right). And we've already had a couple of glimpses of the design direction RIM may be heading in with BlackBerry 10 devices via some sneaky looks at "London" and "Milan" which featured some fairly angular designs, but with QNX-based BBs pushed back later in the year I'm sure RIM's design team is making use of this extra time to further think out and evolve the next-generation of BlackBerry. 

Tell Us / Show Us What Your Dream BlackBerry Would Look Like: The CrackBerry community has a lot of smart and passionate users in it who want to see BlackBerry kick butt in 2012, 2013 and beyond, so this is your chance to share your ideas and maybe help influence BlackBerry with your vision of your dream BlackBerry. If you're an illustrator or artist, send in your sketches to editorial@crackberry.com (subject DreamBerry). And if you're not so good with a pencil or photoshop, you can always tell us what you'd want your DreamBerry to look like in the comments (or email them in too). We'll put our BBDoodle sketcher on bringing some of the ideas to life. 

This isn't so much a contest as it is us having some fun dreaming about the ultimate BlackBerry, but you know us... we love giving away free stuff, so we'll be sure to reward the best submissions. So that's it. TELL US / SHOW US how BlackBerry can stand out in a sea of smartphones. I'll be working on my mockup too.... There's no deadline on this, but you know how it is, the sooner the better. Good luck and have fun!