South Park plays nice on the BlackBerry PlayBook

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Though I may not be a child of the internet generation, I've lived the vast majority of my life with a keyboard under my fingers. Yes, I remember a time when Yahoo! was just a collection of blue-underlined links and my favorite search "engine" was Metacrawler. Over the years, it seems that I've developed a craving for being entertained and informed at all times.

My BlackBerry PlayBook is a perfect way to satisfy those cravings; it pretty much goes everywhere with me. From the smallest room to the living room, the BlackBerry tablet is an invaluable tool for connecting to the internet and getting information quickly and easily. Even while doing the dishes. But with my hands covered in soap suds, it's not exactly easy to browse the latest offerings from and the like. That's why I like watching TV on my BlackBerry tablet.

Major networks in the US like CBSNBC, and Fox all have a presence on the Internets, and if you want to watch The Price is Right in High Definition on your PlayBook, well, that's totally do-able. One of my favorite shows to watch on the Internet is South Park. The crass, foul-mouthed, and preachy show has been entertaining me for over a decade. It's not a show for everyone, but I like it. Especially if it's an episode featuring Butters (those of you keeping score at home might remember my cat has the same name).

What's unique about watching South Park online is that at, you can watch nearly every episode of the series' fifteen-season run - for free, and legally. Using Flash video, the site plays nice with the PlayBook, and full-length episodes are easily enjoyed in full-screen. Double-tap the video to go full screen; another single tap makes the video controls disappear.

The internet is a vast resource of both knowledge and entertainment, and the BlackBerry Playbook is perfectly suited to make use of both. After all, the biggest and most important SuperApp of them all is the awesome browser contained within.

Since I live in the US, it's not exactly easy to check how many of these sites still work in other parts of the world. Drop us a line in the comments and let us know what works and doesn't work in your country. What sites do you visit to watch videos, TV, and movies legally?

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