Grabbing yourself a brand new BlackBerry Tour? As with any new device release some of your favorite applications out there may not work with the Tour initially due to it being a new device, but there is one saving grace with the Tour that should give it the green light for most apps - the fact being that it is the same screen resolution as the BlackBerry Curve 8900. And of course, it being a BlackBerry not too much has changed with the OS itself. Some applications may work, some may need to be updated to meet compatability.

One application that is ready to roll though already most certainly is Telenav. Telenav has been hard at work getting their GPS location services available for the Tour and is currently now ready to show off how well it works. If you have used Telenav before then you are well aware it is indeed one of the best GPS applications out there with vocal turn by turn, real time traffic monitoring and more. And if you are new to Telenav, with their 30 day free trial you have no excuse not to give it a shot. Especially on that fancy new Tour ;)

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