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TeleNav has long been one of the go-to applications for GPS services on your BlackBerry. Carriers across the world have it available for download on their BlackBerry devices, and some even have it specifically branded for their network.

Starting this Wednesday, March 24th, users on AT&T with the BlackBerry Curve 8900 or Bold 9000 can download the newest version of the TeleNav software, labeled on AT&T as AT&T Navigator 2.0.

This update comes with several great new features:

  • One touch speech recognition
  • Lane assist
  • Red light traffic alerts
  • Speed limit alerts
  • Turn by turn directions when out of a cell coverage area
These new features are a welcome addition to an already great application. I have been using this update for just over a month now, and I have been very impressed. Hit the jump for my thoughts and more info
Lane Assist 8900
The speech recognition has always been accurate and quick. The lane assist feature helps the driver know what lane they will need to be in for an upcoming exit, and the red light and speed limit alerts can help notify drivers of potential traffic law violations.

Another great benefit of this update is the ability to continue navigating your way to your destination even if you have a lapse in cell phone coverage. The application now downloads your entire route when you first start your journey and stores it to ensure you will still get turn-by-turn directions on your journey. The only downside is that when out of cell coverage, you will not get traffic alert updates, and you will not be able to get directions for a new destination.

Unfortunately, this update is only available to a select few initially, but I'm sure TeleNav will continue the rollout to all carriers as soon as they can. So for those of you using TeleNav on AT&T with a Curve 8900 or Bold 9000, be sure to open TeleNav on your device this Wednesday and look for the update. 

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