Here in the UK we have had a selection of native BlackBerry 10 newspaper applications since very early on in 2013, when BB10 first launched. It's rather nice to see yet another now grace us with its presence - this time it's The Telegraph. 

Like the previous newspaper apps, this one is also free to download, but does come with a slightly annoying advert at the top of the screen. Looking beyond that though, it is rather beautiful and a perfect example of a native BlackBerry 10 app. 

The Telegraph comes with a great Active Frame, which changes every few seconds, so you can see what's happening (with a picture) prior to opening the app itself. Once you are inside, things are much as you would expect. The launch page will have various articles on it and it's just a case of selecting the one you wish to read. From within the article you have a few tabs at the base of the display. Here you can refresh or use the arrows to navigate to the next story. 

Sharing is also supported and will allow you to send an article via any of the accounts you have set up in your BlackBerry Hub. Need to increase the font size? That is catered for as well, so everyone can enjoy. 

Tapping the home tab with the Telegraph 'T' on it will provide you with a list of all the categories featured in the app. If you are only interested in certain things you can filter here, which is a nice touch. 

That pretty much sums things up. Apart from that annoying advert the Telegraph application is awesome and I think I'll be keeping this one on my BlackBerry. You'll be pleased to know that as well as being free, the app is supported by all BlackBerry 10 devices - win! 

Additional features include: 

  • Instant access to your favourite news sections 
  • Full-screen photo galleries and video 
  • Article sharing via Facebook, BBM, Twitter and email 
  • Offline reading - once the app has updated, continue reading even without a connection
  • Customisable content refresh
  • Changeable font size

Download The Telegraph for BlackBerry 10